Light-columns in glass mosaic technique

Weihnachtsmarkt Basthorst 2013
At the Christmas market 2013 on the Basthorst estate my exhibit occupied a very nice space in the "cow barn". Here I was able to sell my first light-column, a most formidable experience for me.

In the picture standing beside me is a friend of my music, please see and listen at www.dietergeike.de.
Herbstmarkt Basthorst 2013
At the 2013 fall market in Basthorst, September 6 to 8, I was able to exhibit my glass pictures for the very first time.

These pictures are hung on the wall like any painting. Internal back illumination is provided by a high quality warm-white LED-strip, intensity controlled via a dimmer with brightness memory like the light-columns.
You will find additional information and detailed pictures on the "Glass Pictures" page.
Gut Basthorst (1)
Gut Basthorst (2)
From April 28th to May 1st 2012 I had the opportunity to expose six of my light-columns at the spring market and at the autumn market from September 7th to 9th in the horse barn on Gut Basthorst in Northern Germany. This resulted in very interesting discussions and reactions to my work.
Gut Basthorst (3)
Gut Basthorst (4)
Gut Basthorst (5)
Gut Basthorst (7)
Gut Basthorst (6)